Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blog anniversary & our summer holidays so far

Although I was planning to slow down blogging a little these days, I wanted to announce my 2nd blog anniversary today! I can’t believe I am blogging since 2009, July the 31st !!

And I want to thank all of my readers, followers and blog colleagues, for supporting me to go on with my blog and for all the nice comments on my posts!

Without all of you there would be no BELGIAN PEARLS blog at all !

So thank you so much!!  I hope to bring you more of inspiring blogposts in future!


As you know already we enjoy our summer holidays these days and I promised myself to spend not that much time on my computer because I really need to relax and to have some quality time with my family. We are not traveling, we hope to enjoy spending some time in our garden and inviting friends and family.

But today I wanted to post some pictures of the things that kept us busy during this first week of our holidays.

Jan’s daughter Nele, her husband Tom and the children Alexa and Tristan joined us for a couple of days. We were looking forward to their visit!


Foto 027The family (and the half of their household!) arriving at our home.


2011-07-31_152849 A drink on our time together.


Foto 011 Alexa was proud to offer Jan the drawing she had made for pappie and mammie (= Jan & me).


Foto 018 Alexa & me.


Foto 022 Preparing the meal.


The weather wasn’t that nice the passed days, but fortunately it wasn’t raining so Tristan and Alexa were able to cycle !




In the afternoon we went to my mum’s house, where there is a swing in the garden.

Foto 032 Jan and Anthony installing the swing for the children.


Foto 036 So Jan had to push his grandchild of course.


Foto 044 Anthony tried to teach his godchild Alexa how to use the scooter.


Foto 030 Aren't they just cute ?!


The other day we went for a walk in our neighbourhood and had lunch in an idyllic situated restaurant 'De Zwalmmolen’.





In the afternoon we all went to the manege ‘De Paardebloem’ where Nele and me wanted to practice horse riding.

Foto 053Tom and Tristan walking along the horse stables.


Foto 054 This is me on the back of Mango.


Foto 075 Alexa is watching her mum.


Foto 095 Nele and Mango.


Foto 082Jan is encouraging his daughter.



Foto 100 A future horse rider?


Foto 081 Alexa and me, Ralph and a friend !


Summer 2011

I hope you enjoyed this holiday post.


Talk to you soon!



Thursday, July 28, 2011


Don't be afraid to use a large size headboard in your small space....

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Decorated wall tables

Today some inspirational pictures of beautiful decorated wall tables.

All different kind of tables and all decorated in a paricular way.

CDCampagne Décoration n°70 2011  Photo credit Eric D’Hérouville


E&N Emily et Nous


NH Natalie Haegeman Interiors


ADAD Espana n°60 2011  Photo credit Pablo Zuloaga


Garnier Garnier Antiques

Beautiful decorated and at the same time used as a desk.


Atelier AM Unknown


Cote de Texas  Unknown


CP Collection Privée


Are you inspired?



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finishing projects before holidays

The previous week it was very busy in the workplace of our company LEFEVRE INTERIORS. Our employees were finishing projects before holidays.

One of the projects that has to be finished before next Thursday (holidays start) is a made to measure study room.

PFloor plan of the study room and views of the four walls.


foto's tijdens opmeting 30 meil 2011 007 The room with its beamed ceiling and slanted walls, where the cabinets has to be installed.


Foto 009 Technical plan at our workplace.


Foto 010 Our employees finishing the study room.

The cabinets and doors are made of French oak.


A  View A

  At the very last moment our client decided to choose for a door with an oval window instead of the glazed paneled door.

Foto 002View A so far.

2011-07-16_173910 Front and back of the chosen door.


B  View B

2011-07-16_174314 Preparing the desk part of view B.


C View C

Foto 001 On both sides of the glazed door open shelving cabinets.

Foto0130 Glazed door.

Foto 006Adjustable profiled shelving.


D View D

Foto 005 Radiator cover with its woven wood paneling.


As you can see,the study room is not finished yet. Cornices, skirting, profiles and hardware have to be applied.

Foto 011

And the oak cabinets and doors have to be stained which will give the room his final look!

Proposed stain samples.

2011-07-16_190500 1.

2011-07-16_194015 2.

Our client has chosen for the grayed stained oak finish (sample n°2).


Because our clients wish to use this study room even as a kind of family gathering room, I am preparing the presentation of the furniture that has to be brought in.

I would love to see a large family table as these made at the Belgian company of my friend Veronique MALVINI FURNITURE FACTORY and author of the blog Malvini . All the Malvini furniture is handmade and homemade and is produced by Veronique’s husband Geert. As these gorgeous tables which are manufactured from massive wood, according to the classical method of furniture making.

MALVINI-JULIEN-MONASTERY-TABLE-WITHOUT-SUPPORT-The Malvini Julien Monastery table.    image source : Malvini Furniture Factory

MALVINI-DESIREE-MONASTERY-TABLE-250-GRAYThe Malvini Desiree Monastery table.   image source : Malvini Furniture Factory

2011-07-16_181513The Malvini Louis Trestle table.   image source : Malvini Furniture Factory


At either end of the table I would love to place a comfortable linen slipcovered bergère.

As this one…


… or this one.


And along the sides of the table I would love to see a combination of different chairs.



I just love the way Sabine of HOME-WORLD OF INTERIORS has placed the chairs around the table in her showroom.

HI7Home-World of Interiors   image source : Home Interior and Lifestyle Blog


Slipcovered chairs around the Venetion Palazzo table of Axel Vervoordt.

Foto 1Axel Vervoordt    image source : Architectural Digest Photo Credit Mario Ciampi


And what do you think about placing a bench as this one that Brooke and Steve have discovered at the Kanaal of Axel Vervoordt ?

Foto 641 (Brooke) Axel Vervoordt    image source : Velvet & Linen Photo credit Steve Giannetti


I have still a lot to discuss with our clients after holidays!


Jan and me want to wish all of our employees a wonderful and well-deserved vacation!!

Door window

And of course I wish all of you wonderful Summer Holidays!