Monday, October 31, 2011

Kids Rooms

Happy places!
Perfect spots to play, relax, sleep, sing a lullaby, read or chat with friends.
Let yourselves imagine that you are still a kid residing in one of those rooms...
so come on... pick a room... 

bold and sassy girls room

creative kids castle themed room

southwestern inspired kids bedroom



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Eclectic Interior Design

via Belle Vivir

Elle Decor


Sunday, October 30, 2011

House Tour: New York Appartment

Hello, hello!!!

I am back! We took advantage of our national holiday on Friday and we took off for three 

days. And it was a perfect break of everything! More details and photos coming soon.

For today, let's enjoy another house tour found in Elle decor. An eclectic, modern, bright 

and airy appartment in New York, with neutral walls and furniture but with a few injections 

of bright colours that makes it look so fresh!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

A sneak peek


Dear readers, I want to thank you for all of your sweet comments and received emails on my post about Mango! I was so surprised and deeply touched by your lovely and supporting words. Thank you so much!


A few weeks ago I posted about one of the latest LEFEVRE INTERIORS’ projects we were working on HERE.  The project is almost finished and yesterday we were very busy hanging draperies. We are not finished yet but I do hope that one of the next days I will be able to post a few ‘after’ pictures of the finished project on my blog.


Today I will give you yet a sneak peek into the room.


1Lefèvre Interiors    After (Photo by me)


5 Before (Photo by me)


I wish everyone of you a wonderful weekend! And thank you again for following my blog and being so interested in my posts! I so appreciate it!!



Thursday, October 27, 2011

My new love

I might think that some of you do know that I started learning horse back riding a year ago.

As a child I dreamed about learning horseback riding and having a horse of my own. But my parents were very anxious about it and that is why I had not  the opportunity to start taking riding lessons in my childhood.

Since we moved to the countryside about 5 years ago, I noticed horses and horseriders all around because there are a lot of equestrian schools and horse breeding farms in our neighbourhood.

I told Jan that I was so sorry to not have had the opportunity to learn horseriding as a child and that I felt too ‘old’ to start now.

But Jan encouraged me and said that if I really wanted to start learning it, I had to take my chance, even at my age!

And so I did!!!

A year ago I pulled my boots on and took my chance! I took lessons dressage at a local manège and believe it or not, after a few falls and ups (literally!!!),

and many lessons later, I felt ready for my own horse!!! Can you believe it!


And here she is! My new love, Mango.


Mango is a 17 year old mare and is of German origine. Her mother is a Hanoverian and her father is an Oldenburg horse, both known for their gentle character.


I ride Mango since the month of May and she is so sweet, so adorable and understanding!! It is so important that as a beginner equestrian, you choose ‘a horse that is able to write and to read’ (a saying we often use here)! So Mango is a 17 years old mare and she is used to have beginners horse riding on her back.

In fact she learned me a lot these past months and she even loves to jump!! She won several jumping competitions.

I am definitely not aiming to start jumping!! Oh no! I will be very satisfied If I could make some progress in dressage in the near future. I will never become a professional equestrian but I don’t care!

My real aim is to enjoy being with her, to ride on her back a few times a week, to take care of her and to give her the opportunity to have a pleasant retirement. She deserves this!


5Jan and me and our new family-member.

Sorry for the blurry photos, all taken with my cell phone!



Me, very concentrated of course!




With this post I want to thank my husband Jan for encouraging and supporting me to make my child’s dream come true!!

Thank you dear!




Dreamy Bathrooms

Great Dream Bathrooms...
a few words (both kiddos here today!)...

bath achieves perfect calm with modern amenities

contemporary bath offers 5 star luxury

open bath creates personal spa experience

Images via HGTV



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Would you paint your walls Black?

Well my lovely readers... would you?
I'm quite certain that it hasn't even crossed your mind! But let's see what this girl and her husband from
design dump did in her new home and in my opinion it turned out great.
Maybe it will change your mind.... maybe...



Do I hear any "wow"? Is anyone of you convinced now?
Another thing that it is worth mentioning is what they did with the ceiling and the flooring. Nice work! So, if you would like to see more of this transformation visit their blog here .


Monday, October 24, 2011

House Tour: Australian reader

As I was doing my daily read in my lovely desire to inspire I saw this stunning house in South Australia that the family worked miracles to get it to look like that, and now it is for sale! Can you believe it is on the market? Hmmm.... considering in immigrating perhaps...

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Autumn-time = Fireplace gathering


I hope you all have enjoyed the Autumn weekend!

I enjoyed gathering around the fireplace with my family!

Autumn-time means fireplace gathering.


FP12 source 1st dibs  Photo credit Melanie Acevedo


FP7House of Porters


FP14 source


FP8Schouwen Standaert


FP5 source unknown


FP6 Kordekor


FP3source here


FP4 source unknown


FP2 source here


FP11source unknown


Chalet 49 (Isabel Lopez Quesada)Isabel López Quesada


FP9Vicki Archer   Photo credit Carla Coulson


FP13Peter Pennoyer Architects


FP15 My library Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens


FP1 source unknown


I wish you a wonderful start of this new week!