Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Useful Links & Tips for Bloggers (Part II)

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After the success that my previous post "Useful links and tips for Bloggers" had, 
I thought I should share with you some more links and tips that you may find interesting,

or even more if you've been wondering "Gosh... how do I do that?".
So, here we go...


When you add a link to your text, there is a small white box at the left bottom where it says "open this link in a new window". Always tick that box so when someone clicks on the link, it will automatically open in a new tab or window, and this means that they won't have to leave your page and can return back!

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I LOVE when I come across storage idea's that are not the "usual". I love how there is so much storage for the TV in the first picture, you can never have enough storage around a TV in my experience. If you like the round "library" table, just click title of this post to take you for directions !

Sliding doors


The use of sliding doors could be a good solution for a possible lack of space in your home and barn sliding doors add a rustic touch to your home.


15Source here


11 Source Splendid Willow


5  Source Pinterest


2  Source Pinterest


3 Source here


16Source here


6 Source unknown


14Source unknown


1 Source here


8  My favorite! Love patina and French profiling.    Source unknown


4 Lefèvre Interiors

Do you love sliding doors? And did you used them in your home?



Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY: Clocks on the Wall

Do you happen to have an empty wall somewhere in your house, 
and you don't know how to decorate it?
What do you think of the idea to hang a handmade clock? A clock made by you
very easily with things that you may already have at home that will cost you 
only a few dollars / euros! Here is how: 

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Amazing Kitchen Makeover

Hello my lovely stardusted friends!

It's very cold today here in Greece and it is almost snowing outside! Yipee!

I've got a bad cold myself and I'm stuck in bed for the last days. But the good thing is

that I had plenty of time to wander through the internet and found some amazing stuff!

So, here we go! I saw this amazing kitchen makeover and the after pics are

so gorgeous... you can't even believe this is the same kitchen!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A library project

A few months ago Natalie of Natalie Haegeman Interiors contacted us asking for help with the realization of a library project for one of her Belgian clients.

As my company Lefèvre Interiors is specialized in made-to-measure and custom-made cabinetry and paneling, we were very pleased with the opportunity to help Natalie with the project she had in mind.

Natalie started sketching the library and shared thoughts with her client.

14 Plan of the library room.


8 Current situation of the library room.


Many meetings later, my husband Jan took all the required measurements and worked out the technical plan of the library room.

13Lefèvre Interiors technical plan.


Natalie’s client absolutely preferred to use French oak for the cabinetry.

9 French oak in the Lefèvre Interiors warehouse, sorted out for this library project.

36Our warehouse


At this moment, about 3 months later, the execution of the library in the Lefevre Interiors workshop is almost finished.

Before leaving to our client’s home, we always build up the room in our workshop, which gives our craftsmen the opportunity to work out, in a comfortable way, all the details, as placing profiles, corniches,…to make sure the installation at the client’s home will progress as required.


The library built up at our workshop.


As you can see it is a very large room. More or less all cabinets are built up and we now have to place shelving and profiles.




Even the beautiful double doors to the other rooms (I haven’t pictures of them yet) are made in our company and have to be installed next week.

37One of the library glazed double doors.



Our craftsmen at work.

1 Lots of drawers to install.


3 Extending shelf.


4  Small desk drawers.

The library will move to Natalie’s client’s home within a few days!


Jan and me love working together with interior designers and architects. Sharing thoughts about design and construction is an opportunity to learn a lot from each other.


As Natalie is an interior designer, she will decorate this library room with her own collection of fabrics and furniture.

So both, Natalie and me, can’t wait to see this library project finished !

To be continued…


Logo                                                        www.nataliehaegeman-interiors.be                                      



Don’t hesitate to contact Natalie at info@nataliehaegeman-interiors.be or to contact me at info@lefevre.be , if you would love to help us with the design of your library or interior project. We would be pleased to help you.


Here are some library images for your inspiration.

24  Source unknown

23 Source unknown

25 Source unknown

28 Source here

34 Natalie Haegeman Interiors

16Lefèvre Interiors

33 Source here

22Source here

29 Source here

32 Source here

21 Timothy Corrigan


I wish you all a wonderful weekend!



Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY: Metallic Three Panel Art

I saw this DIY project in Young and Crafty and thought I should share it with you guys!

It seems to be easy to make and the outcome is really rewarding!

But the coolest thing about it that the whole project costs only $60!

Well, I think I could easily use it in my living room, it would match perfectly!


This is the picture where this creative lady draw her inspiration.


What you'll need is only this:


1. Metallic paint (3 shades plus some black)

2. Three canvases

3. Plaster of some kind

Now, the steps:

a. Spread out the plaster in circular way (as you see it in the image above)

b. Allow the plaster to dry

c. Time to paint. Start with the lighter color from the very center of the painting.

d. As you work outwards start blending the colors until you use

the darker one at the end of it.

e. Make sure to paint in between the canvases and all the edges.

(for the full tutorial with pictures please click here)

And there you have it!


So what do you think? Cheap and great art for your room created by your own hands!

LOVE it!

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