Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things To Love...

A little inspiration to brighten your week!
A picture says a thousand words:

I loved these images, they're unique and personalized. 
One should decorate their home with things that bring them joy and comfort!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Fireplaces: Before & After (part II)

Fireplace no.1

The Before

Before: Dark and Dominating

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Bright And Cheerful...

I apologize for the late posts, we've been having some internet problems in our home as of late which we were able to tackle!

One of my favorite design companies is Tracery Interiors.  They designed this clean, bright and cheery home accented with bold splashes of salmon, red, orange and turquoise. 
I'm typically not a huge fan of red, but in this setting it's intriguing: 

This aesthetic would be fun in a beach home!

How many of you love these bright bold color combinations?!

Italian beauties


One of my preferred pieces of furniture is an Italian cassapanca.

I love the decorative painted ones!

Most of the benches are large sized and the seat is used as a chest, a storage seat.

They are highly decorated and were generally placed by pair in a hall.

2Lars Bolander source


3Garnier Antiques source  Photo credit Fotografie Claude Smekens 


Even if the cassapanca is not painted, it remains a beauty.2012-10-29_161633David Michael Miller Associates source  Photo credit Bill Timmerman


Late 19th century 1 of 2 Italian baroque style polychrome decorated high back hall benches of large size.7Très Belles Antiques source


Cassapanca 17th century Italian style, painted by the Italian artist Alison Woolley.1                                      Alison Woolley source                                  


Hand painted large Italian cassapanca.8source


This beautiful hand-carved and painted cassapanca is made by a 5th generation family-owned workshop in Florence, Italy!6source



Hand painted gothic style Italian cassapanca.5


Does anyone of you own an Italian cassapanca? I hope to ever find an affordable one!



House Tour: Not Another Whitish Swedish House (A Colorful Home in Sweden)

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thinking of Christmas

Christmas is in the air, can you feel it? Too early, you'll say. But just think...61 more days...

well nope, it's never too early for Christmas! So allow me to convey this feeling to you my

friends and so you'll have plenty of time to begin with preparations if you start from...NOW! :-)

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Second life for old American barns in Europe


I have always been fascinated by the beautiful and authentic American barns. All around bloggerland I discovered the most beautiful images.


1. Providence LtdSource here

The grayed and red/brown aged wood reflects a long time farm activity and bearing of all weather conditions.

1Source here


I loved the images of the Winter Collection 2012 online catalogue of the Belgian brand Scapa Home, where a part of the photoshoot was taken in a barn. A wonderful location to present their winter collection. To discover the collection , click here.

2Source Scapa Home – Photo credit Arjan Benning


Today I am pleased and proud to tell you about a Belgian company that is importing old barn wood to Europe!

The Belgian Antoine Verhofstede, a man passionate about wood and experienced in the wood trade for more than 30 years, came up with the idea to give a new destination to the wood of old American barns!

He started to ship the best batches of old barn wood from the states to Belgium to give the wood a new destination. It meant the start of a new-born company, given the name EEUWENHOUT (literally translated in English : century-old wood).

This company is recycling old barn wood to re-use in European interiors.

LogoLogo company Eeuwenhout

‘During a trip through the US, Antoine Verhofstede’s passion for wood leads him towards old and deserted barns and buildings. They stand ‘in the middle of nowhere’, as silent witnesses of past activity. They were once built from trees from the direct vicinity: various woods, mostly over a century old. Today they still defy weather and time, but they are deprived of their functionality. In places, these barns are dismantled, and the wood is reused by local farmers. This is where Antoine Verhofstede got his idea to give a new destination to the best batches of wood in exclusive European interiors. A perfect mix of quality, durability, ecology and aesthetics.’

(text website Eeuwenhout)


The unique dimensions and stability, together with the aged look of the barn planks and beams, ensure aesthetic pearls.


Here you can see different examples of how to integrate the old barn wood into your contemporary home.















2http://www.eeuwenhout.be (realisation De Puydt Haarden)


16http://www.eeuwenhout.be (realisation Galle Houtbewerking)










Notice these coffee table tops!10http://www.eeuwenhout.be


In this picture you can see the barn wood used for the facade construction of a chalet in Switzerland (realisation Galle Houtbewerking).15http://www.eeuwenhout.be


To see more of the use of old barn wood, please visit Eeuwenhout website :  http://www.eeuwenhout.be

For further information :



Veldstraat 365
9140 Temse | Belgium
T +32 (0)3 710 66 40


Have a great weekend!




All pictures source :

Eeuwenhout website : http://www.eeuwenhout.be/  &   Eeuwenhout facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/Eeuwenhout

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome Fall!

sweater-wrapped votive

For the past two or three days we're all dressed up in our fall outfits too here in Greece.

The weather is getting a little colder, people in the streets are opening their umbrellas, and today

I took off my sandals and put on my boots for first time this year. Let me say here... finally!

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One of my favorite things I love do in the Fall is to go on long walks; I love seeing how people decorate their porches. 
This particular little cottage reminds me a lot of the homes in Midway and how they would decorate for Fall... so charming and effortless:

I love how they effortlessly combined things they love... so festive!

I hope you're all enjoying beautiful Fall weather!