Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chandelier! Impressive!

Something quick for today, too much to do in one morning.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Entry Transformation

I'm stunned... what a change!

My contribution to MILIEU


I am thrilled to introduce you to MILIEU, a brand new American magazine of style, to be launched this fall !

I do know that a lot of my American readers will have heard yet about this magazine by following blogs of some of my American blogger colleagues.

I really wanted my European readers and readers from all other parts of the world get introduced to this magazine.


6Picture by me

Founder and Editor in Chief is the renown Houston based interior designer Pamela Pierce.

5Homepage website Pam Pierce Designs

Since I was introduced to Pam’s work, through blogging (I have to credit Joni of the blog Cote de Texas for introducing me to Pam’s work), she became one of my favorite American designers! I love her design approach. Pam’s projects all show clean lines and authenticity and Pam loves to bring in natural and elegant materials and isn’t afraid of mixing antiques with pieces from today. She creates gorgeous timeless interiors.

Pam definitely has an eye for beautiful fabrics and I just love her way of furnishing! Don’t you love this living room designed by Pam? Notice the elegant furniture, the natural materials as the linen slipcovers. Beautiful antique mirror on the wall. A very carefully chosen color palette. The color of the rug and the neutral linen fabrics are all related to the background color of the stone walls. In this room everything is merging. Simply gorgeous!

7Source website Pam Pierce Designs  Photography by Peter Vitale, courtesy of Veranda Magazine


Pam’s work is been featured in many interior design magazines and some time ago she decided to found an interior and lifestyle magazine herself, which will be launched this fall !

The brand new magazine MILIEU.

The quarterly print magazine will show the readers great houses and gardens in the United States and Europe. Milieu aims to introduce readers to the best designers and projects, and to interesting people and never seen places.

‘Milieu speaks directly to readers who are sophisticated about design, worldly, well-traveled, and possess a discerning eye, but who also are playful, free-spirited, insatiably curious, and unafraid of the new and the bold.’ (text Milieu website)

In order to introduce the magazine to potential advertisers, the team of MILIEU has produced a small issue of the magazine, the MILIEU ‘mini-mag’.


3Cover of the Milieu mini-mag   Photography by Peter Vitale


When I first read about the MILIEU magazine on Joni’s blog Cote de Texas, I couldn’t get my eyes off this image, one of the pictures published in the MILIEU mini-mag.

Again a very well chosen color palette. I love everything in this room. The gorgeous paneling and stone mantel, the silk carpet… And I noticed an influence of the Belgian style as well here! Steel windows as we do see them in Belgium and a Belgian inspired sofa !

4The Schatte residence   Interior design by Pam Pierce  Image source MILIEU mini-mag  Photography by Peter Vitale


Pam and her team also created the MILIEU website where people can read interesting articles about all things related to interior design and lifestyle.

‘We created a website suited perfectly for Milieu readers – people who are sophisticated and worldly, insatiably curious about the world of style, and open to the new and bold.’ , is to read on the MILIEU website.

I am sure you will all love the MILIEU website articles.

This is a picture of the latest article (posted 2/22/13) about Houghton Hall (UK).

2Houghton Hall, UK    Image source MILIEU-website Photography provided by Houghton Hall


Ok, now you all wonder what I do have in common with this brand new magazine !?

I am thrilled and honored to tell you that a few days after I first read about this brand new magazine – to be on the stands this fall –, I received an email from Pam Pierce herself to ask me if she could call me the other day because there were a few things she wanted to discuss with me! Can you imagine how thrilled and curious I was?

Well, Pam called me indeed and we talked about how exciting it is preparing the launch of a new magazine. Finally, Pam asked me if I could be interested in assisting her and the MILIEU team to do some scouting for the magazine here in Belgium and in Europe!  Of course I was interested! How exciting was this!!

So, since a few days I am trying to help Pam and her team to find interesting projects, people and places to feature in one of the first issues of the magazine.

And I am so pleased to tell you that Pam will come over to Belgium in the month of June, when a photoshoot will be taken of our first MILIEU-project in Belgium! I can’t wait to meet her in person.

The Editor At Large published an article about MILIEU and I was so thrilled to see my name on the list of all the magazine’s contributors. To read the article, click HERE.


I can’t wait to receive my copy of the first issue of MILIEU this fall !


1Photography by Peter Vitale


If you are interested in advertising in MILIEU, please click HERE.

For information about subscriptions, please click HERE.

8Milieu mini-mag cover   Picture by me

I am sure you will all love this new magazine ! And I do hope that MILIEU will be seen on the European and Belgian stands as soon as possible.



The Ηappiest Ηouse Εver


Going through my daily reads I stumbled upon this unique colorful home at Stylia

(by the way it's an inspiration blog, worth visiting some time) and I fell in love with it.

Look how bright and fun this is! Notice the dining chairs, different kind and color each

one, the lace curtains that give a romantic touch to the space. Elements of various

Monday, February 25, 2013

House tour: French living

French living in four floors! So many stunning and unique items, such as...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Place To Dream...

These images remind me of how nature can be so inspiring.  
Rich patinas and textures display the cycles of the natural world:

seriously... I wan't those cookies!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Grey, White, Wood and a touch of Red

great fireplace (via Cozy Cottage in the Forest // 79 Ideas)<br />

Hope the weekend finds you in a place like this, with good company

and a good glass of wine.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY: Easy Lack Coffee Table

Amazing DIY coffee table that you can make all by yourself at the lowest cost!

The only thing you need is two Ikea Lack shelves and some inox legs. Check out

Click to continue reading rest of this article »

Belgian white

White in the spotlight !
All pictures of today are of Belgian interiors.

5Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Claude Smekens

1Bieke Van Houtte Interieur

9Axel Vervoordt  source Architectural Digest

8Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Claude Smekens

10Axel Vervoordt  source Litwin Davies blog

11AD Applications  source FB page

6Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Claude Smekens

3White Rooms in Bruges

4Brigitte & Alain Garnier

7Lefèvre Interiors  Photo credit Jo Pauwels


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Retro & Red

 photo 39265827971880290_XwcZp4Cr_c_zpsb1a9ebf9.jpg

Just a little inspiration of my favorite color palette. Exactly this color combination

is the one that I use in my living room as well!


This kitchen is bright, charming and chic.  
Love how they juxtaposed the old beams with sleek, industrial stainless steel!  The floor adds the perfect amount of texture/interest:

all images via

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Parisian Apartment of a Designer

So, this is how Interior Designers decorate their own houses! Wallpapers, textured walls,

various patterns in every room, modern posters and classic paintings, stripes... and yet it

does not - in any way - look busy or tiring to the eye. On the contrary it looks fresh and

bright, I have a strong belief it is because of the monochromatic color palette.

Monday, February 18, 2013

One Bedroom... 5 ways!

bedroom +bedding + Atelje Alt

Changing the linens and the duvet (ok and  the nightstand and the chair!) and a few accessories

can bring a drastic transform into the bedroom. The mood and atmosphere in these 5 different looks is mostly set by the different type of linens. Which one is your favorite look?



These images added a little spark to my morning!  
We've been out of town for the past few days and have been having internet problems -so I apologize for the late posts.  
 I love a little eclectic edge with pops of unique pieces and finds:

all images via

Hoping you have a wonderful day!