Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A paneled bedroom

Today I would like to tell you something more about the design of a bedroom I am currently working on.
One of our clients asked us for help to design and to decorate their master bedroom. They definitely wanted to see their bedroom paneled. As our company Lefèvre Interiors is known for creating paneling, custom made, according to tradition, I was very pleased to start designing this bedroom.
After having browsed a huge file of bedroom images, this image of a bedroom designed by William Heffner, was definitely the kind of bedroom my client wanted us to realize !
1Interior design by William Heffner

I had to take into account that our client absolutely wanted to see a fireplace in the bedroom.
2Image source Home Bunch

After having discussed our sketches, we started to make the final plans of the bedroom.
Plan for paneled bedroom  -  Lefèvre Interiors

The montage of the paneled room is finished.
Below you can see pictures of the paneled room finished with a base coat.
Paneled bedroom with base coatPaneled bedroom with a white painted base coat - Lefèvre Interiors

In the meantime, I prepared a proposal of the color palette to use in this bedroom.
3Images : source unknown

As the master bedroom looks out over the beautiful garden, I suggested to bring in a shade of green into the room.
The niches on both sides of the fireplace are of French oak, which I wanted to be limepainted in a shade of green.
5I made a selection of Farrow & Ball paint colors for the room,
together with a selection of fabrics and furniture finishes.
Belgian linen will be used for the window treatment.
Color palette
We finally have chosen for F&B Clunch to finish the paneling and F&B Breakfast Room Green to limepaint the display niches.
Farrow & Ball paint colors
I do know that what you see here on this picture below doesn’t look as the chosen colors, but you have to know that it is almost impossible to reproduce the exact colors. Taking these pictures, the niche LED lights arranged in lighting strips were turned on. And using a lime paint finish on oak wood has a totally different look than using an eggshell paint finish.
Paneled bedroom finishedFinished room paneling - Lefèvre Interiors

The previous days I was thinking about the decoration of the bedroom and I would love to see some beautiful decorative items displayed in the niches on both sides of the mantelpiece.
Decoration open cabinetryImages source clockwise : Lefèvre Interiors; Mary McDonald; Atelier AM via Veranda; Home Interiors

Our client still has to make a lot of choices before the bedroom is totally finished. Furniture, bedding, nightstands, lighting fixtures, bedlinen,…
Vaughan sconcesSconces Vaughan

I would love to see the nightstands with a cream or celadon finish.
Chairs Garnier

7 Tips to Create Magic in your Bedroom with Cuddly Cushions

Cushions are the budget-consious decorator's friend, allowing him or her to add sumptuous

touches, vibrant colours and deep textures easily and without being forced to change the

entire decor of the room. Cushions work particularly well in bedrooms, as well as

living rooms, adding an overall appeal and sense of comfort to every bedroom.

Beautiful Details...

True beauty lies in the smallest of details...

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I'm smitten over that fireplace, what a gorgeous home!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pride Of Place...

These are random images brought the perfect amount of inspiration to my evening.
I love how each image is unique and effortlessly placed.  
Notice how the soothing colors lend the perfect backdrop for all the textures/found objects.

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Have a wonderful week!

Lefèvre Interiors & Natalie Haegeman Interiors featured in Belgian magazine

I am pleased and honored to announce that our work is featured in the latest issue of one of the leading Belgian interior design & lifestyle magazines : TIJDLOOS wonen !
About a year ago the Belgian interior designer Natalie Haegeman asked our company Lefèvre Interiors for help to realize a library project she designed for one of her clients. Both, Natalie and I, were enthusiastic about this project and now we are proud to show you the result of our teamwork.
The library is made of French oak, not treated, which will give the cabinetry a used, natural patina.
This is a picture of the finished library, decorated by Natalie ! This is one of the featured pictures in the latest issue of the magazine TIJDLOOS wonen.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Midweek Favorites...

Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful time of year!  Sorry I have been slow to blog -- getting ready for a new little one to join our family in a few weeks!

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Best wishes!

A Simple Neutral Color Home


An open plan apartment of 86 sq.m. in Sweden with a generous balcony and a French one on

the other side, surrounded by a courtyard. White-wash walls and wooden floors make the

space feel cozy and warm. Plenty of natural light peeking in from the large windows.

Simplicity at its finest!

Library - study rooms where I would like to work

Aren’t you agree with me that it must be wonderful to work in one of these library-studyrooms , especially at this time of the year when days become shorter and it is getting colder outside. I love to be surrounded by wood, that definitely makes a study room warm and cozy.

4Interior design Christine Bekaert

7Image source Thorsen Construction

10Interior design Decoration Empire

6Home office of antiques dealer Lee Stanton  Source Lee Stanton blog

3Interior design Antiek Amber

9Interior design Natalie Haegeman – realization Lefèvre Interiors

8Interior design Beatrix Kleuver

2Interior design Grant Larkin

1Image source Immo Dochy